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2021 Annual Social Responsibility Report

Update:30 Aug
Summary: About this report 1 Scope of the ...
About this report
1 Scope of the report
This report takes Hangzhou Xiaoshan Phoenix Textile Co., Ltd. as the main body, and discloses the content of the company's fulfillment of political, economic, social and ecological responsibilities in 2021.
2 Appellation description
For the convenience of expression, the report abbreviated "Hangzhou Xiaoshan Phoenix Textile Co., Ltd." as "Phoenix Textile" and "Company".
3 Reporting time and frequency
From January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, some data and content are beyond the above range. This report is an annual report.
4 Report release form
This report is published as an electronic document, which can be downloaded and read at https://www.fhfz.com/.

1. Company Profile ........................................................................................................................1
1. Company Profile ...................................................................................................................1
2. Core values and development philosophy ...........................................................................................4
3. Top management's commitment to social responsibility ...................................................................................5
4. Social Responsibility Strategy ...........................................................................................................6
5. Stakeholder identification and communication...........................................................................................6
2. Social responsibility performance ................................................................................................................7
1. Fulfillment of social responsibilities...................................................................................................7
2. Protection of shareholders' rights and interests ...........................................................................................................7
3. Protection of employee rights and interests ...........................................................................................................8
4. Protection of the rights and interests of creditors, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders .............................................12
5. Environmental protection and sustainable development .........................................................................................13
6. Ethical behavior .................................................................................................................14
7. Public welfare support .................................................................................................................15
3. Summary and outlook..............................................................................................................17

1. Company Profile
1. Company Profile
  Hangzhou Xiaoshan Phoenix Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of spunlace non-woven fabrics, polyester air-twisted yarns and curtain fabrics. The company now has fixed assets of 150 million yuan, covers an area of 40,000 square meters, and has a construction area of more than 15,000 square meters. It also brings together world-class production equipment. The company produces and sells more than 30,000 tons of spunlace non-woven fabrics and more than 2,500 tons of air-textured colored yarns. , The annual production and sales of curtain fabrics is 3 million meters, and the products are exported to Japan and South Korea, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South America and other markets. The company currently has the world's advanced production equipment: spunlace non-woven fabrics--France ANDRITZ spunlace machine, Germany Neumag carding machine, Italy Yaseli winder, etc.; polyester air-twisted yarn department--8 Japan Air-transformer of Aiji Technology; Curtain Fabric Department - steel rapier machine of German Dornier Company, 34 of Swiss Saura Company
Code shuttle machine, electronic jacquard machine of French Stäubli company, laser machine of Italian GMI company - Japan Tajima embroidery two-in-one production line.

Chart 1 Company headquarters factory map

Through continuous efforts, the company has achieved good operating results. At the same time, it has also been affirmed by the government and society. In recent years, it has won honors, as follows:


Related honors

Granting unit

March 2016

Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise Certificate

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology

January 2018

Zhejiang Export Products

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce

February 2018

Top 10 Cross-border E-commerce

Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Bureau of Commerce

May 2018

Social Responsibility Construction Grade B Certificate

Hangzhou Corporate Social Responsibility Construction

November 2018

Zhejiang famous brand product

Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

December 2018

Hangzhou famous brand products

Hangzhou Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee

August 2019

Hangzhou Enterprise High-tech R&D Center

Hangzhou Science and Technology Department

December 2019

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology

January 2022

Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification

Zhejiang Manufacturing International Certification Alliance

Chart 2 The company's product categories and uses
Product Series Features and uses
Spunlace non-woven series
The fiber of spunlace non-woven fabric is a kind of
High-pressure fine water jets erupt into microfibers
Dimensional non-woven one or more layers of fiber web
, let the fibers tangle with each other,
so that the web is reinforced and has
The strength of spunlace nonwovens, this reinforcement
The resulting fabric is spunlace free
Spunlace non-woven fabrics are mainly used in medical and sanitary
Daily necessities, light industrial production, electronics industry
industry, environmental protection and other fields
Polyester air-transformed yarn series
Polyester air-transformed yarn is polyester filament (or
POY) or other synthetic filaments are drawn
After passing through the air nozzle, make the wire in the airflow
Under the action of untwisting, the dispersed single
The wire forms loops on its surface and secures it
On the surface of the silk, heat setting,
The finished product is obtained after the oil is rolled. Polyester air change
Silk characteristics: natural appearance, with no
Regular surface tops, grains, slubs
effect, good color.
With the concave and convex feel of natural linen and
Soft touch while overcoming natural
Wrinkle resistance of linen, washable, easy care
Curtain Fabric Series
Curtain fabric is a commonly used first-floor window in the family
yarn, a layer of curtains, curtains, combined with
For home decoration. Curtain rail with curtains
Sliding rails and curtain rods. Curtain slides in general
Installed in curtain box; curtain rod itself
It is an ornament and can be used for surface installation. curtain
Fabrics mainly include printed cloth, dyeing
Cloth, Yarn Yarn Jacquard Prints and Shade Fabrics
The company is committed to management and innovation, and has passed quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001), and occupational health and safety (ISO45001) system certifications. The company will introduce an excellent performance management model in 2021. At the same time, the company has established a provincial-level high-tech enterprise research and development center. By introducing outstanding talents in the industry, it has formed a high-quality R&D team, and cooperated with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University to conduct research on new products and new technologies. The overall technical level is leading in the industry. Phoenix Textile will introduce the "Made in Zhejiang" model for management in 2021, and establish a comprehensive management system in combination with the requirements of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, excellent performance management mode, and quality and integrity standards.

Chart 3 System Certification

2. Core values and development philosophy
  Throughout the development process of more than ten years, Phoenix Textile has formed a corporate culture with the core values of "innovation, meticulousness, sincerity, and win-win". Excellent ideas come from excellent culture, and respect for people is the essence of Phoenix Textile's corporate culture. Do things down-to-earth and earnest, treat people with tolerance and sincerity, pursue broad and profound, and develop endlessly. We will continue to work hard, constantly pursue first-class quality and service, and create a win-win atmosphere of enthusiasm, openness, sincere cooperation, and pioneering and enterprising spirit.
   Under the leadership of the chairman and general manager, we will gradually sort out, refine, practice, and enhance the corporate culture, forming the corporate mission of "weaving dreams, lighting up life" and "strengthening and expanding the non-woven industry, and becoming an internationally competitive textile industry". Enterprise” corporate vision.
Figure 4 Corporate culture concept system
Weaving dreams, lighting up life
Strengthen and expand the non-woven industry and become a textile enterprise with international competitiveness
Innovation, meticulousness, sincerity, win-win

3. Top management's commitment to social responsibility
Social Responsibility Commitment
we promise:
  We will spare no effort to fulfill our commitment to all stakeholders, from product research and development, raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, to energy resource utilization and waste management, and always committed to practicing sustainable development throughout the product life cycle.
  Compliance with standards and laws: Comply with national and local laws and regulations, and relevant social responsibility standards of the state, locality and industry.
  Occupational Health: Provide a healthy and safe environment for employees to work and live, care for employees, prohibit child labor, anti-discrimination, anti-forced labor, punish employees, respect the rights of all employees to voluntarily organize and join trade unions and conduct collective bargaining, comply with working hours requirements, and Strive to provide employees with room for growth. Organize employees to conduct physical examinations and do a good job in the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases.
  Safety and environmental protection: Follow the idea of ​​safety first, build a safety management system; follow the concept of green and low-carbon, prevent or rectify pollution, save energy and reduce waste, implement cleaner production audits, and provide safe and environmentally friendly products and services for the society.
  Voluntary acceptance of assessment: We voluntarily accept third-party social responsibility assessment activities. If the company violates the above commitments, the company is willing to take corrective measures in accordance with the law, and gradually improve the system, and communicate it to suppliers and subcontractors, and strive to meet the requirements of social responsibility standards .

4. Social responsibility strategy In order to ensure the effective implementation of corporate social responsibility, the company evaluates the progress of strategic planning, formulates strategic goals and plans, and manages and coordinates the company's social activities at the end of each year based on the company's annual operating conditions and the latest changes in the internal and external environment. Responsibility and sustainability work to ensure that business operations can have a positive impact on society, the environment and stakeholders, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the business and society as a whole.
5. Stakeholder identification and communication Stakeholder communication is an important part of corporate social responsibility management. The company's senior leaders conduct two-way communication with employees, customers, suppliers, government and social organizations in an all-round and multi-angle manner to promote the continuous prosperity and development of corporate culture. Through various channels and methods, we understand the demands and suggestions of all parties and fulfill various responsibilities.

Figure 5 Multi-channel communication with stakeholders



Communication channel

way of communication



Company website, employee handbook, bulletin board, corporate system documents


channel class

Internal telephone, corporate WeChat, QQ, email system, employee satisfaction survey, general manager mailbox, rationalization suggestions

two-way communication

training class

New employee induction training, three-level safety education, corporate culture training, on-the-job training, professional training, skills training

employee engagement


High-level speeches, Spring Festival theatrical performances, sports meetings, staff meetings, trade union activities, knowledge contests, team building, emergency preparedness and response plans

employee engagement


Annual summary and commendation meeting, special seminars, production weekly regular meeting, quality weekly regular meeting, team safety and environmental protection meeting, weekly high-level meeting, employee representative meeting, internal and external audits

Exchange discussion


Annual summary and commendation meeting, annual outstanding employees, advanced collectives/individuals

Inspiration by example



Official website, corporate brochure, product manual, fax, email, customer WeChat group, WeChat public account, customer satisfaction survey form

Communication is the main focus on feedback

Annual Dealer Conference, Dealer Training, Excellent Customer Symposium

two-way communication


Supplier survey, procurement exhibition, on-site inspection, telephone and email communication, etc.

two-way communication


Shareholders' meeting, individual communication, news media, website

two-way communication

government public

Work report, visit guidance, charitable donation, corporate website, corporate publications, brochures

Communication is the main focus on feedback

2. Social responsibility performance
1. Fulfillment of social responsibility
   While pursuing its own development, Phoenix Textile pays more attention to establishing a good social image, and actively fulfilling its social responsibilities is the company's obligatory responsibility and obligation. In terms of public responsibility, the company continues to innovate, focusing on green environmental protection, energy saving, safety production, and continuous improvement and optimization, and has achieved periodic results again and again; Win-win" is the core value, and establishes a good relationship with the relevant parties of the company. Phoenix Textile fully implements the scientific concept of development, insists on taking into account economic and social benefits in development, creates value for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners and society in practice, and promotes the harmony and sustainability of economy, environment and society. develop.
Figure 6 Measures to protect the interests of stakeholders

Related parties




Promote employee development with a good platform. Carry out activities around employees' cultural and sports activities; the employee contract signing rate and social security participation rate are 100%, annual physical examination for front-line employees, special domestic and foreign study and training for echelon talents, and regular employee activities; provide employee dormitory buildings, and organize love donations to poor employees every year .



Pursue customer satisfaction with high-quality products and services. In terms of safeguarding the rights and interests of end customers, the company takes promoting the green process of the industry as its own responsibility, explores customer needs, innovates and develops green and environmentally friendly products, and meets and exceeds customer needs. To achieve standardized complaint handling for customer complaints, to safeguard customer rights and interests.



Establish long-term cooperative relations with suppliers, strictly perform purchase and sales contracts, and pay on time.

hand in hand


Provide technical, financial and human support to major partners such as key material suppliers; conduct business transactions with external parties in accordance with the law, and the interests of partners are protected by contracts and laws.



The company pays taxes according to law, repays loans on time, operates with integrity, and promotes local economic revitalization and prosperity; the company actively contributes to public welfare fields such as education, cultural undertakings, charitable donations, and local infrastructure construction:

2. Protection of shareholders' rights and interests
  The company and organizational governance are implemented in full accordance with the requirements of listed companies. The board of directors, the board of supervisors, and the shareholders' meeting are established. The general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors is implemented, and independent directors, consultants and experts are hired to assist in major decision-making. Documents such as the Articles of Association, the Rules of Procedure for the Shareholders' Meeting, and the Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors have been formulated to legalize organizational governance.
  In accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations such as the "Company Law", the company regularly discloses the "Financial Report" to protect the interests of shareholders and other related parties; the company regularly holds general meetings of shareholders, which are open to all shareholders, and publicly disclose financial information related to the production and operation of the company. The company has established a long-term mechanism for investor relationship management to provide a platform for the majority of shareholders to communicate and communicate, and truly implement the protection of shareholders' rights and interests.
3. Protection of employee rights and interests
  The company strictly abides by the "Labor Contract Law" to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. A salary and welfare system including salary system, incentive mechanism, social insurance, housing provident fund, and employee medical subsidy fund has been established to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees; a complete labor protection system has been established, and tooling and necessary equipment are distributed to employees according to the characteristics of the post. Provide labor protection products for employees; increase salaries for employees according to regional characteristics, price index and other actual conditions, and provide employees with a good working environment.
3.1. Employee learning and development
  According to the company's strategic planning requirements, in order to better achieve long-term and short-term strategic goals and plans, formulate employee education and training plans according to the requirements of performance measurement, performance improvement and technological changes. Human resource planning stipulates, "provide opportunities for the development of each position and create conditions for the climbing of each employee", we adhere to the employment concept of "putting morality first, focusing on talents, having both ability and political integrity, and making good use of people" , as the basis for establishing and improving the training management system.
Figure 7 Employee training

3.2. Employee rights and care
The company has established a party committee and labor union to maintain a good working environment and an atmosphere of employee participation, and safeguard the rights and interests of all employees. The company creates a good working environment and atmosphere, and provides personalized support according to different needs by providing shuttle bus transfers, canteens, trail walking activities, speech contests, etc., so as to improve the enthusiasm and satisfaction of all employees.

Figure 8 Employee Activity Diagram

  An employee satisfaction management system has been established to identify factors that affect employee satisfaction through a variety of approaches. Appropriate methods are adopted for different employee groups, including organizing department meetings, employee representative meetings, new employee symposiums, interviews with departing employees, collecting employee complaints and complaints, and conducting special investigations to identify key factors that affect employee satisfaction. , ultimately identifying the key factors that affect overall employee satisfaction.
3.2. Occupational health and safety
  The company strictly implements the national "Labor Law", "Safety Production Law", "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" and other labor and safety production laws and regulations, and has passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, and operates effectively to continuously improve employees. Occupational health and safety conditions in the working environment.
  The company regularly conducts hazard identification and occupational disease hazard factor monitoring in the production workshop, and carries out targeted improvements through the implementation of fixed management of hazard sources. At the same time, the company also regularly hires safety and health professionals (including safety, fire protection, first aid and medical care, etc.) to be responsible for safety and health work, arrange regular inspections and tests, evaluate the safety and health status of company activities, reduce potential risk factors, and prevent accidents.
Figure 9 Causes and countermeasures of public concerns

public concern



environmental pollution

Exhaust gas, noise, dangerous solid waste, etc. pollute the surrounding environment, and the public's awareness of environmental protection is strengthened

(1) The construction of each production line of the company strictly follows the three simultaneous stacking rules for environmental protection. The environmental protection facilities and the main project are designed, installed and put into operation at the same time. In terms of production technology, clean production is actively adopted, and the exhaust gas system operates stably throughout the year and meets the emission standards.

(2) The safety committee will track the exhaust gas detection results. A special enterprise safety production management leading group was established, and regular environmental safety meetings were held regularly to summarize and analyze the experience and deficiencies in the environmental safety management process.

(3) Actively go to the same industry to conduct on-site inspections, understand and refer to their environmental protection management experience and methods.

Energy consumption

Insufficient or unstable power supply will lead to production shutdowns, which will affect employment and local economic development

(1) Actively promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, and effectively control energy consumption.

(2) All equipment emphasizes energy saving and cost control in design, selection and other aspects. The most advanced and energy-saving equipment is selected today, and clean energy is used as fuel. The impact of energy use on the environment.

Comprehensive utilization of resources increased

Shortage of resources. Price

In terms of comprehensive utilization of water resources: the use of circulating cooling water for reuse to realize the discharge of waste water:

In terms of hidden dangers in the power system: an emergency plan for power interruption has been formulated to ensure normal production or minimize losses during power maintenance or failure.

Safe Production

Fire accidents and power failures will affect the lives of surrounding residents

In response to possible fire safety accidents, the company strictly follows the safety production management system every year to ensure the safe operation of equipment. For power distribution stations and chemical warehouses, in the process of design, installation and use, strictly follow relevant national regulations, and do a good job in relevant protection and publicity reminders.

public health

Domestic waste, solid waste, etc. will affect the chain health of employees and the surrounding environment

Adhere to the policy of "prevention first, combined with prevention and treatment" for public health work, and implement classified management and comprehensive management to reduce the concerns of employees and the community.

Figure 10 Environmental Monitoring Report

Figure 11 Phoenix Textiles firefighting and emergency plan drills

4. Protection of the rights and interests of creditors, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders
  Phoenix Textile always respects the legitimate rights and interests of creditors, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, pursues mutual equality, runs through the idea of ​​"honesty" in business activities, and establishes relationships with relevant stakeholders such as creditors, customers, suppliers, etc. a good cooperative relationship.
The company continues to improve the internal control system, effectively play the role of risk management and internal control evaluation mechanism, and ensure the legal compliance and asset safety of Phoenix Textile's operation and management. The company maintains a good credit level, performs debts in strict accordance with the contracts signed with creditors, pays interest and repays principal on time, promptly reports important information related to creditors' rights and interests, and maintains good cooperative relations with creditors.
4.1. Protection of the rights and interests of suppliers
  According to the characteristics of different suppliers, the company adopts different methods to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with suppliers. Through the optimization and integration of supplier resources, cultivation support and technical cooperation, etc., it has formed a strategic partnership with strategic suppliers. Maintain communication and interaction with suppliers and partners through multiple channels, including regular interaction between the company's senior management and strategic suppliers, and the establishment of a daily exchange mechanism for market supply and demand, and material market conditions. Share knowledge and technology with suppliers in various ways, set up technical exchange groups, in-depth cooperation to jointly develop new products and customized materials, invite suppliers to share improvement experience, and provide technical support for suppliers (such as providing technical support through on-site guidance from experts or engineers and management support, providing tools and technical assistance to suppliers, guiding suppliers to implement improvement projects, etc.).
4.2. Protection of the rights and interests of customers
  The company establishes a rapid response mechanism and a complete service system through satisfaction surveys, on-site visits, customer maintenance, service lines, etc.; while vigorously doing a good job in the introduction, digestion and independent innovation of advanced technologies Technology diversification and product advancement. Phoenix Textile achieves a win-win situation with customers with excellent quality, high price-performance products and services. The company understands and measures customer satisfaction and loyalty through various channels and methods: 1) telephone interviews, email interviews, questionnaire surveys, customer visits, etc.; 2) customer's calls, letters, and visits expressed satisfaction or dissatisfaction information Collect and summarize; 3) Organize and carry out a systematic customer satisfaction questionnaire every year.
4.3. Protection of intellectual property rights
  The company has established a complete set of intellectual property management system. In terms of intellectual property management, the company specially formulated and improved the "Intellectual Property Management Measures" and other systems, carried out various trainings to enhance the patent awareness of technical personnel, and encouraged technical personnel to declare patents ( Especially invention patents), the number of patent applications is increasing year by year. At the same time, in response to changing needs and development trends, the company regularly reviews the collection and use of existing knowledge, and determines and acquires or collects more necessary knowledge and knowledge updates. To ensure the application of the company's new knowledge. When introducing intellectual property rights, the company reviews the validity and legal status of intellectual property rights, and defines the rights and obligations of both parties through contracts.
5. Environmental protection and sustainable development
  The company has set up an environmental operation and supervision team, set up and decomposed annual environmental protection target indicators, and regularly tracked and assessed the completion of environmental protection indicators. At the same time, it closely follows the national and local environmental protection laws, regulations and standards at all levels, communicates it in a timely manner, and requires teams at all levels to strictly implement the requirements of environmental protection standards, upgrade or replace equipment and facilities that do not meet the standards, and build an advanced compliance green manufacturing enterprise in the industry. . According to the control requirements of standards, laws and regulations, the company has established internal control indicators that are higher than the standard requirements and laws and regulations. Through the implementation of process control, it is ensured that the completion situation is good, which is obviously higher than the standard control requirements.
The specific measures taken by the company regarding the impact on quality and safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, public health, etc.
Figure 12 Public responsibility control process and method


control item

risk factor

National industry and corporate standards

Control indicators

Measurement methods

Control process and method



fire, electric shock,

mechanical damage,

poisoning, height

fall etc.

Human Casualty: Property Damage: Affecting Social Stability

Objectives of the environmental and occupational health and safety management system: no fire and explosion accidents throughout the year; no major employee casualties; no occupational diseases.

Eliminate major production safety and occupational health protection accidents.

Safety evaluation, regular inspection

According to the occupational health and safety management system,
Enter into "hazard identification - risk management and control - hidden danger investigation and remediation - safety training - evaluation and evaluation; implement the relevant management requirements of the system.



solid waste

waste, waste gas, etc.

affect the whole

environment of

"Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" (GB16297-1996); "Emission of Odor Pollutants"

Standard" (GB14554-1993) "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008);

Comprehensive sewage discharge standard GB8978-96

Meet or exceed the corresponding national and local standards; waste classification management;

In-company self-tests and third-party measurements

Carry out environmental impact assessment of the project in accordance with the standard manual and procedural documents of the environmental and occupational health management system, and implement the "three simultaneous" management of environmental protection




electricity, etc.

Increase production costs; waste energy resources; affect sustainable development

Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China

Develop monthly plans and indicators for energy consumption based on environmental and occupational health management system objectives and indicators.

Internal monitoring

and Statistics and Analysis

Build an energy management system; strengthen publicity and supervision of various departments; promote the use of new energy-saving technologies, new materials, new equipment and new processes



Labor intensity, occupational health

Cause occupational diseases and other hazards

Implement safety, sanitation and other related management procedures

Implement national/industry standards

Occupational hazard factors are regularly tested and evaluated

Implement occupational health management, conduct occupational health examinations every year, and regularly distribute personal protective equipment and other occupational health management; collect, process, and discharge production waste gas as required;  In terms of legal compliance, we implement safety management in strict accordance with relevant national and local laws and regulations and industry standards, perform our own responsibilities, maintain the effectiveness of quality and environmental system certification, and adhere to systematic construction; carry out safety standardization construction and implement standardized management .
6. Ethical behavior
6.1. Comply with the code of integrity and build a credit system
   The company's senior management takes the lead in modelling the concept of "integrity and win-win", actively advocates "integrity-based" and "integrity-based enterprise", abides by business ethics, and abides by national laws and regulations. Improve the credit management mechanism, starting from strengthening the construction of the integrity culture, through the establishment of a credit evaluation mechanism and the establishment of credit files, to establish a cooperation model of integrity and win-win with suppliers and partners; to conduct moral, integrity awareness and legal training for employees, and cooperate with suppliers and partners. Combining commendation activities such as evaluation for excellence and technical competition, it guides employees to abide by ethical standards and improve their own moral literacy.
6.2 Key Processes and Performance Indicators of the Ethical Behavior Monitoring System
   The monitoring process, measurement methods and indicators of the company's ethical behavior are shown in the table below.
Exhibit 13 Key Process Measures and Indicators for Corporate Ethical Behavior

Types of Moral Behavior

Supervised object

Supervision department

Measurement method and process

measurement standard



Senior leadership

Office of the Board of Directors

At the end of each year, all middle-level cadres evaluate senior leaders. In order to achieve the goal of high-level leadership being diligent and honest.

Political ideology, leadership art, work attitude, compliance with laws and disciplines, contact with the masses, democratic style, overall concept, violation rate, etc.

middle leadership


Democracy evaluation is carried out according to the relevant prescribed methods, and the evaluation is scored. Accept public supervision and report. Through the "Department Leader Evaluation System", the evaluation is carried out from five aspects: morality, ability, diligence, performance and integrity.

Actual work performance, public evaluation, violation rate, etc.



For the daily behavior of employees, refer to the "Employee Handbook", "Safety Production Law" and "Occupational Injury Insurance Regulations".

Work conscientiously, treat people politely, speak kindly, act fairly, and serve warmly. employee violation rate, etc.




Purchasing Department

Strictly abide by the Contract Law and other principles.

Contract Default Rate




Office of the Board of Directors

Major decisions are implemented in accordance with the Company Law and the Articles of Association.

Shareholders' return, etc.

government, etc.

Finance Department

Strictly follow the "Temporary Regulations on Value Added Tax" and "Enterprise Income Tax" to implement the obligation to pay taxes according to law

total tax, tax rate



In accordance with the "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" GB8978-1996, "Comprehensive Discharge Standard of Air Pollutants" GB16297-1996 and other standards to protect the environment.

Various pollutant emission standards, etc.


Quality Control Department, Marketing Department

Implement the "Product Quality Law" to ensure quality and improve customer satisfaction. Strictly follow the "Annual Work Plan Objectives" and "Customer-Related Process Control Procedures" to implement.

customer satisfaction, etc.

The company has always adhered to the principle of integrity, operated in accordance with the law, abide by professional ethics, established a good business credit and moral image, and won wide acclaim from customers, suppliers, government, quality supervision, industry and commerce, taxation, banks, etc. highly recognition. The company has won the titles of honest management enterprise, enterprise A-level credit enterprise and so on.
Figure 14 Results related to ethical behavior

7. Public welfare support
The company is enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings, actively participates in various social charity activities and welfare undertakings, and carries out activities such as donations, poverty alleviation, entering the community to care for the elderly, earthquake relief and other activities. The company formulates the "Annual Public Welfare Plan" every year, in which the public welfare financial budget is clearly defined, and the active public welfare investment will increase year by year in the strategic plan. During the period, the main leaders of the company and the person in charge of the labor union made a special trip to visit the needy employees and their families to send them warmth. The company has offered a sincere love to social welfare undertakings, well fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities, and won unanimous praise from the society.
Figure 15 List of some public welfare activities of Phoenix Textile

serial number Public welfare name public interest parties date
1 Love the old and respect the old condolences to the elderly Lonely widowed poor old man
2 Difficulty support Difficulty help More than 20 people celebrated, expressed condolences and condolences to employees
3 Duty to donate blood Duty to donate blood Voluntary blood donation for a total of 30 people
4 Assistance for the disabled Addressing the employment of disabled persons people with disabilities
5 public welfare tree planting Public welfare tree planting activities Public welfare tree planting activities
6 Environmental publicity Environmental public welfare publicity Organize volunteer environmental protection public welfare publicity
7 Charitable donations Anti-epidemic donations Suppliers, Overseas Customers

Case: Taking this anti-epidemic action as an example, since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has actively carried out various work to fight the epidemic, and launched a charity donation anti-epidemic action at the first time.
3. Summary and Outlook
   In 2021, the company will strictly abide by laws and regulations and other relevant regulations, effectively safeguard the rights and interests of shareholders and employees, abide by social ethics and business ethics while pursuing economic interests, promote green environmental protection, actively participate in public welfare and charitable causes, and take its own social responsibility. Obligations are fulfilled. 2022 is an important year for Phoenix Textile to become bigger and stronger and achieve another leap. Phoenix Textile will deeply practice the scientific concept of development, vigorously promote the spirit of hard work, base on a new starting point, increase innovation advantages, solidly promote energy conservation and emission reduction, focus on improving economic benefits, serve local economic prosperity, and ensure safer, more efficient, cleaner and sustainable. We focus on the needs of employees, pay attention to social disadvantaged groups, and pursue the maximization of comprehensive environmental, economic and social interests, and continue to show a good image of Phoenix Textiles that is harmonious, reliable and responsible.