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Application of fiber nonwoven spunlace fabric


The microfiber's main spunlace nonwoven fabric features […]

The microfiber's main spunlace nonwoven fabric features are Soft ,light, high strength,and good absorbent.When the microfiber is used to spunlace nonwoven fabric, the finished product will be a different soft textile.Not only fundamentally changed the conventional synthetic fiber products appearance, but also can obtain the unique functions.Due to the nature of microfibers, greatly increasing the capillary in the nonwoven fabric,it will change the breathability and moisture-penetrability of the fabric: microfiber products greater specific surface area and more of the pay gap, causes the product particles adsorption ability greatly enhanced; microfibers formed in the course of spunlaced nonwovens is more dense than ordinary synthetic fibers, mixed and disorderly the three-dimensional structure, made of leather was close to real leather effect.


The research and development of spunlace composite technology not only overcomes some limitations of non-woven products and the increase in variety, but also greatly expands the application field of spunlace non-woven fabrics, and promotes the spunlace non-woven fabric and its entire process technology The development and improvement of spunlace and pulp inflow mesh composite technology. Because the price of wood pulp spunlace is usually much cheaper than short fiber, and the moisture and hand feel of pulp are very good, so products made of fiber products are cheaper than all fiber products, and the price is very competitive, but in terms of technology Very demanding filtration system.


Product appearance has the natural luster, soft like silk or the appearance of the suede; microfiber spunlace nonwovens strength is significantly higher than only by conventional spunlaced nonwovens made of fiber, and vertical and horizontal to the potent closer, made of leather, leather performance advantage more prominent.Although started late in China,but it is a strong momentum of development, has a tendency to dominate.


Adopting microfiber spunlaced nonwoven cloth into a suit leather has excellent comprehensive performance, reflected in high soft hand feeling, lighter than real leather good drapability good breathable, moisture permeability, wearing comfortable.Bright color variety, fluffy plump evenly, is advantageous to design and tailoring.In addition, compared with the real leather, microfiber non-woven garment leather can be washed, will not mildew, bug eat by moth, make the maintenance very easy. No matter from appearance or inherent performance, completely changed the traditional artificial leather hard, crease, the shortcomings of airtight.Nowadays,it has a large number of replace of the leather used in the clothing products.

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