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How much do you know about baby wipes

Update:22 Feb
Summary: Moms all know baby wipes. I believe...

Moms all know baby wipes. I believe that many mothers will prepare a pack of wet wipes with them when they take their babies out. If the baby wants to touch something outside, he will wipe it with the wipes first and give it to the baby after playing. Wipe hands, face, mouth, etc. But, is it good to use wet wipes frequently?


Baby wipes are a product specially developed for babies. The production standard of baby wipes is much higher than that of adult wipes. The baby’s skin is too delicate and prone to allergies, so it is best for babies to use special baby wipes. towel. There are different types of baby wipes. Ordinary wipes are usually used to clean the baby's buttocks, while hand and mouth wipes are generally used to wipe the baby's hands and mouth.


Its main material is non-woven fabric. According to the quality of non-woven fabric, the cost and price of wet wipes will change. It is mainly used to clean the baby's body and kill certain bacteria.


Baby wipes should not be added with irritating ingredients


Stimulating ingredients should not be added to baby wipes, such as alcohol, flavors, preservatives, fluorescent agents, etc.


1. Alcohol is generally used for sterilization, but it is easy to volatilize, causing discomfort due to loss of moisture on the baby's skin.

2. Flavors are irritating and increase the risk of baby allergies, so baby wipes should not contain flavors.

3. The purpose of preservatives is to prolong the service life of the product, but too much preservatives can cause allergic dermatitis.

4. Fluorescent agent should not be used in baby wipes, which is harmful to baby's skin.


Therefore, mothers must be cautious when choosing baby wipes and pay more attention to the added ingredients marked on the baby wipes package to better protect the baby's delicate skin.