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How to buy wipes?


The prerequisite for disinfection of wipes is to choose […]

The prerequisite for disinfection of wipes is to choose disinfection wipes for use. For many wipes used in the market, most of them are ordinary wipes or sanitary wipes, which are completely different from disinfectant wipes in definition. Therefore, we must choose the wipes reasonably and correctly before use.
1. Put the wipes on the side of the nose and smell it gently. If it is a high-quality wipes, we will smell a soft and elegant taste, which does not have any irritation. If it is a pack of inferior wipes, when we smell it, we will feel a clear irritating smell.
2. High-quality wet wipes are made of high-quality raw materials. We can see that the non-woven fabric is white without any impurities. The raw materials of inferior wet wipes are very poor. We can see that there are obvious impurities on them. During the use of high-quality wet wipes, there will be no obvious fluffing phenomenon, and inferior wet wipes will have the obvious fluffing phenomenon during the use process.
3. After taking out the wet wipes, if mildew has formed on the wet wipes and mildew has grown, do not use such wipes. If you feel that your skin is irritating during the process of using the wipes, and it feels itchy and painful, you should immediately wash it with clean water and stop using it to avoid greater harm.
4. Carefully check the endorsement of the product, and select the brand of the regular manufacturer with detailed information such as the site, service phone, health standards, enterprise standards, and relevant health department filing numbers.

The wipes produced by well-known brands are of reliable quality, and most people will use well-known brands as their first choice for purchase.
When you buy, you should also distinguish between high-quality and low-quality wipes. Wet Wipes Material manufacturers will have a soft and elegant scent without any pungent odor, while inferior wipes have a clear pungent odor, and you need to pay attention to check the wipes packaging Detailed product information, alcohol wipes are best not to buy, if it is baby wipes, be sure to read the ingredients description, baby wipes are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating, no fluorescent agent. Generally speaking, high-quality wet wipes are mostly made of non-woven fabrics, and the cross-woven spunlace non-woven fabric is the best. The texture is soft and white, the texture is tight and thick, and the inferior wet wipes are thin and easy to deform. In use, high-quality wipes will not fluff, while inferior wipes will have obvious fluffing phenomenon, which has a stimulating effect on the skin.
The sealing of the packaging must be good, and there must be no damage, air leakage, liquid leakage and other phenomena. It is best to choose wet wipes with sealed stickers. It should be noted that disinfectant wipes have a certain shelf life. After the shelf life, the components of sterilization and disinfection will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to see whether the wipes are within the shelf life before use. At the same time, pay attention to the purchase of wet wipes must be approved by the health department. If these conditions are met, you can buy the wipes without fail.
Finally, you should pay attention to the functional positioning of wet wipes when purchasing, generally divided into two types: ordinary type and sterilization type. The ordinary type refers to having a cleaning effect, and the latter has a strong sterilization effect. They can complete the cleaning of the skin and object surface, working area and skin surface. It has 99.9% bactericidal effect on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

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