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Which details can see the difference between baby wipes

Update:26 Mar
Summary: Summer is the season of bacteria b...

Summer is the season of bacteria breeding. With the development of the times, handkerchiefs and towels are easily contaminated by bacteria because of reuse is no longer the first choice for baby wipes material. More parents prefer to choose wet baby towels for baby cleaning care.Baby wipes can not only clean your baby's little fart, but also clean your baby's cheeks and hands. Wet towel as a baby's skin has close contact with the supplies, so in the selection, mothers must be careful, so as not to bring discomfort to the baby.If you want to distinguish the quality of baby wipes, first of all, make sure that there are not any things in the baby wipes.

They are alcohol, essence, preservative, fluorescent agent and unsterilized water. These things will cause great damage to the baby's delicate skin, including allergies, itching, rash and so on.Some three-wet paper towels are yellowish and pungent, bad water addition, high acidity and alkalinity are easy to stimulate, wet towels are too thin and low water content, poor cleanliness will break, family outfit is too heavy, out to carry inconvenient and so on, mother is also big head.The water used in wet tissue must be specially treated water, such as refined water, pure water, etc.

When purchasing baby wipes, mothers must look at the ingredients of the wipes and wipe them to test for skin allergies. In general, the fewer ingredients added to the wipes, the better.In order to solve the problem that mothers don't know how to choose comfortable baby wipes, Xiaobian wants to Amnesty the smart and hot-selling baby wipes.Smart baby hand and mouth wipes are dual-purpose baby, no preservatives, no alcohol, no flavor, no fluorescent agent, no bleaching agent, adhere to the principle of harmful substances do not add to the baby, to protect the baby's skin to do the best.

And smart, equipped with a high standard aseptic production environment, fully purifying and isolating bacteria. Pure water extracted from deep groundwater through multi-layer infiltration technology is as high as 99.9% pure.The PH value of smart baby wipes is closer to the safe PH value of baby skin. It protects the skin of baby's fine skin and tender flesh, and keeps the PP in the state of moistening elasticity.Smart newborn hand and mouth wet towel in addition to a more pure and safe ingredients, packaging is also very design sense, the use of double lock water protection design, packaging tighter, security is also higher. Wet towels are likely to evaporate into "dry towels" if they are not packaged tightly, so packaging is important, and double-lock water protection reduces the risk of moisture evaporation.