Intelligence and greening go hand in hand: How can the wipe tissue industry not usher in a new era of change?

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Intelligence and greening go hand in hand: How can the wipe tissue industry not usher in a new era of change?

Update:04 Jul
Summary: In today's ever-changing era, wipe ...

In today's ever-changing era, wipe tissue is an indispensable part of our daily life, and its manufacturing process is undergoing unprecedented changes. Intelligence and greening, as the two core driving forces, are moving hand in hand to jointly shape the future of the wipe tissue industry.

With the rapid development of information technology, intelligence has become an important label of modern manufacturing. In the production of wipe tissue, the application of intelligent technology has not only greatly improved production efficiency, but also significantly improved product quality.

Intelligent production lines integrate advanced automation equipment, sensors and control systems to achieve full automation from raw material delivery to finished product packaging. These devices can accurately control every link in the production process, such as the mixing ratio of pulp, the forming and cutting of paper, and the packaging of packaging materials, to ensure that each piece of wipe tissue meets the established quality standards. At the same time, the intelligent control system can also adjust production parameters in real time according to production needs, optimize production processes, and reduce resource waste and energy consumption.

Intelligence is also reflected in the refinement of production management. By introducing modern information technologies such as big data and cloud computing, enterprises can monitor production data in real time, analyze bottlenecks and potential problems in the production process, and take targeted measures to improve them. Intelligent management systems can also remotely monitor and maintain production equipment, warn of equipment failures in advance, reduce downtime, and improve overall production efficiency.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, greening has become an inevitable trend in the development of the manufacturing industry. As a resource-consuming industry, the green transformation of the wipe tissue industry is particularly urgent.

Starting from the selection of raw materials, more and more companies are beginning to use renewable resources such as bamboo pulp and sugarcane bagasse as raw materials for wipe tissue. These raw materials are not only widely available and highly renewable, but also have relatively low carbon emissions during the production process, which helps to reduce pressure on the environment. At the same time, by optimizing the pulping process, reducing the use of chemicals, reducing the emission of pollutants such as wastewater and waste residue, and achieving clean production.

In the packaging process, companies are also actively using environmentally friendly materials, such as degradable plastics and bio-based materials, to replace traditional non-degradable packaging materials. These environmentally friendly materials not only do not pollute the environment during use, but also can return to nature through natural degradation after being discarded, realizing the recycling of resources.

The advancement of intelligence and greening in the manufacturing process of wipe tissue not only improves production efficiency and quality, but also promotes the sustainable development of the industry. The two complement and promote each other, and together they have brought unprecedented development opportunities to the paper wipes industry.