Precautions for the use of baby wipes

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Precautions for the use of baby wipes

Update:22 Feb
Summary: Wet wipes material can be applied t...

Wet wipes material can be applied to all aspects. A simple pumping can solve many things. The wide application of baby wipes has brought a lot of convenience to mothers, but all things have advantages and disadvantages. In the use of baby wipes What should I pay attention to at the time.



1. The body of baby wipes is made of non-woven fabric and is insoluble in water, so you can't throw it directly into the toilet after use, so as not to block the toilet.


2. During use, if the baby's skin is red or painful, stop using it immediately and consult the doctor in time.


3. Try to put it in a higher place to prevent the baby from eating by mistake. Do not place it in a place where it can be exposed to sunlight. High temperature can also damage the wipes.


4. After use, please do a good job of sealing to avoid water loss. Put on the sealing sticker and keep the wipes moist.


5. In the process of applying wet wipes to your baby, please note that wet wipes cannot be used to wipe some sensitive parts such as the baby's eyes. It is also necessary to prevent the wet wipes from contacting the baby's mouth to prevent the ingredients added in the wet wipes from irritating the baby's sensitive eyes and mucous membranes in the mouth.