How non-wovens are used in mattress construction

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How non-wovens are used in mattress construction

Update:26 Jan
Summary: Everyone loves a good mattress. Whe...
Everyone loves a good mattress. Whether you prefer a firm, soft, or medium one, the perfect mattress is key to a good night of sleep. A mattress is more than a slab of foam on a few springs, and as technology has advanced, so have consumer expectations. To meet the demand for more comfortable, better mattresses, manufacturers have had to seek out better materials to fit new techniques.Traditional fabric is made from long, continuous strands of fiber woven together to create one piece or sheet of material.

Nonwoven fabric are made with short fibers, bonded together using heat, chemical solvents, and other binding methods. Non-woven fabrics are made from materials like polypropylene or polyester, are made to be durable, and are used frequently in every area of manufacturing and industrial services.Unlike traditional woven fabric, non-wovens can hold a certain amount of weight without unraveling, creating a hole, or fraying. Non-woven fabric is frequently used in the manufacturing of furniture, carpets and textile arts, for medical garments and accessories, in landscaping, for roofing and construction, and more.Mattress construction is more complicated than putting a few springs together and wrapping it in foam, and non-woven fabrics are used in virtually every phase of the process.

Non wovens are designed to have high tensile strength, to be resistant to water, and to serve as insolation or padding.In mattress construction, non wovens are used from top to bottom. We offer Flange, Quiltback, Dust Cover, Topper, Stitchbond ect.  Our Materials are strong enough to withstand the constant pressure and friction from continual use, they also help to keep the sharp ends of springs from puncturing softer material. Non wovens are also used in finishing, perfect as mattress coverings, pillow-tops, and as backing for decorative finishing fabric. These durable and stress-resistant fabrics can also be treated for heat and flame resistance, another important quality in the construction of mattresses.

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