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Phoenix Textile Co.,Ltd is professional China Medical application Non-woven Fabrics Suppliers and Medical application Non-woven Fabrics Factory, in a state-of-the art modem facility at Xiaoshan. Hangzhou located in the eastern part of China.We already have two Parallel lines and two cross-lapped lines.The fifth Multi-function line project is in preparation. The plant capacity is 30.000 Metric Tons per annum.Our product mainly include: non woven fabric, spunlace nonwoven fabrics, kitchen wipes and so on. We provide our client with high-quality wholesale medical application non-woven fabrics.The technology and equipments have been provided by world's leading nonwoven machinery suppliers.

Medical application

It is made of imported high-quality wood pulp fiber and special synthetic fiber by advanced spunlace composite equipment. The product does not contain any chemical resin, adhesive and other components, and has the characteristics of high strength and durability, strong dust absorption and liquid absorption, high efficiency and cleanness, and low dust resistance.

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