What are the advantages and uses of PP non-woven fabrics

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What are the advantages and uses of PP non-woven fabrics

Update:17 Oct
Summary: It can be used at high temperatures...
It can be used at high temperatures, is weather resistant, and does not undergo bacterial degradation. Thus, both its shelf life and duration of application is long. Most of the fabrics are reusable and very durable.PP needle punch nonwoven fabrics can be molded into any shape, have great stretch-ability and have form folding in the form of Z. The flexibility property diversifies its range of applications and use.When compared to its peer fabrics, PP nonwoven fabrics have greater weight bearing capacity per unit of its weight.

The tear and tensile strengths are also high due to the use of polypropylene.PP non woven fabric materials have high adherence to colours. They can not only be printed upon with any design but also are capable of maintaining the print brightness and vigour.PP non woven fabric is perfect substitutes to the plastic materials that are currently in use. They are 100% recyclable, incinerate with zero toxic emissions and is definitely biodegradable.

Such properties make it perfect for single-use products and medical industries where waste generation is generally high.Polypropylene in itself is quite a sturdy material. Its use to build nonwovens also makes the products highly moisture and chemical resistant. Thus, from every angle, PP nonwoven fabrics show greater advantages than any other materials of its class. With that established, it is time to look into its major applications.

Medical products like gauges, bandages.Diapers, feminine care products and so on.Shopping bags and packing materials.In the agricultural industry widely used for mask material crop covering and protection.Machine cleaning, polishing, and maintenance.Dust removal in the electronics, optics and the cleaning industry.Thermal, acoustic, and roof insulation in the building industry.Used for Soil stabilisation and drainage systems.Shoe manufacturing. Nonwoven material is widely used for insole boards, shoe lining and heelgrips.