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What are the best alcohol wipes

Update:17 Oct
Summary: What needs attention in daily life...

What needs attention in daily life is how to prevent contact with places that may be wet wipes material infected with dirt, and the most effective way is to use alcohol to disinfect!Alcohol can be disinfected. The principle is that alcohol can penetrate the bacteria body, absorb and volatilize the moisture of the bacterial protein, make the protein coagulate, cause protein denaturation and precipitation, thereby killing the virus.However, it is not that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better, nor the lower the better. 75% is the best ratio given by medical research.

If it is too high, the sterilization ability will be weak; if it is too low, it also has its own uses: 75 % Alcohol is used for disinfection; 50% alcohol is used to prevent bedsores; 20% to 50% alcohol is used to cool patients with a high fever.At the same time, the ability of different concentrations of alcohol to kill different germs is different, some take a few seconds, some take a few minutes.Due to the strong volatility of alcohol, it is easy to produce alcohol evaporation, especially in a confined space, which is likely to cause a fire. Therefore, choose 70~75% alcohol cotton pads or wet wipes, which can not only sterilize and disinfect but also are cheap and portable.

Alcohol wipes are made of 75% alcohol, non-woven fabric, and RO pure water. The alcohol wipes produced by our company are made of high-quality spunlace non-woven fabrics, which are thick and dense, have good wiping effects, and are not easy to pilling and lint. When in contact with the skin, the soft, delicate, delicate skin will not leave a red mark after rubbing. The humidity ratio is just right, moist but not wet, and there will be no water droplets remaining after rubbing.